Orange Hat Empowerment

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Client Testimonials

Lorraine is by far the best facilitator I’ve ever worked with. The workshop was well presented and will be very beneficial. Awesome!

Tori, Guelph

Lorraine gave great personal examples that related back to my challenges. The presentation gave me a lot of food for thought and will bring a greater understanding to personal dynamics. The information was very upbeat and relevant. There was so much information to apply to our workplace and to our personal lives. 

Allison, Simcoe

Loved the knowledge and information sharing. Lorraine is a very enthusiastic presenter. I’d recommend the workshops to create greater understanding in the workplace and heal personal wounds. 

Heather, Guelph

The time went so fast! This was a beneficial workshop on a personal level as well as a professional level. There were really useful tools for my personal journey too.

Donna, Guelph 

It was a really informative workshop that was fun and relaxed. I’m really excited to share this with my team.

Sarah, Simcoe

This was truly engaging and informative! I’d recommend Lorraine for our board retreats.

Martina, Guleph 

This was a lot of fun! It was very interactive and I know it will create value in my job role.

Tammy, Simcoe

Lorraine has excellent facilitation skills and I’m really looking forward to more opportunities to learn with her.

Becky, Simcoe

Excellent workshop! It gave me lots to reflect on and I know I’ll be a better team member after today.

Robyn, Guleph