Orange Hat Empowerment

Building confidence through fun and interactive workshops

Individualized Training

When you create a happy, harmonious and joyful working environment, your staff will be more creative, resourceful and engaged. At Orange Hat Empowerment we apply a number of NLP and Emotional Intelligence tools and resources, that will empower your team to be more self-aware, communicate better and build confident and effective teams.

We also understand that your organization is unique and will face its own challenges. We tailor our workshops to reflect the values that are important to you. We work with your team to customize workshops to suit your needs by understanding your concerns, objectives and organizational culture. Our workshops are fun, interactive and upbeat and will keep your staff engaged as they enhance existing talents, learn new skills and overcome those nasty self-limiting habits. 

When your team feels empowered, they will be more efficient, effective, perform better and produce more.

We create unique training opportunities that are specific to your organization’s culture, budget and goals.

We Can Help

Orange Hat Empowerment workshops are a cost effective and valuable way to support your staff with training and development.

All training options are customized to your goals and requirements – however, here are some of our more popular options:

  • The Art and the Science of Effective Communication
  • Empowering Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence
  • Aligning Your Personal and Professional Values
  • Delivering On Internal Customer Service
  • From Goal Setting To Goal Getting
  • How to Plan Like an Expert Strategist
  • Overcoming Fear with Creativity and Innovation
  • Essential Skills For Managers and Supervisors 
  • Recruitment - Making The Best Hiring Decisions
  • Problem Solving with Compassion and Empathy
  • Learn the Keys to Motivation
  • Building Social Awareness by Understanding the 6 Human Basic Needs
  • Meaningful Working Relationships Built on Rapport, Likability and Trust
  • Change Isn't Easy but Together We Can Do This!

The stress of an unhealthy, uncomfortable and unhappy workplace leads to a lack of productivity, engagement and effectiveness. As a good, manager and leader you know that meeting these staffing needs increases your company's productivity and profitability. 

What To Expect From Orange Hat Empowerment.

Prior to training we will meet with your Management Team to clearly outline the goals and objectives. A thorough analysis based on your organization’s culture, values and goals will be completed. We will review the learning objectives and desired outcomes. A detailed training plan will be developed that includes:

  • Independent and group activities
  • Self-reflection and self-assessment exercises
  • Case studies and real world examples
  • A welcoming environment for group discussion and sharing
  • Fun, upbeat and engaging approach to learning
  • Tools and resources that can be applied to the work place
  • Accountability and action steps
  • An action plan to incorporate into the workplace (where applicable)

Following the training you will receive a detailed synopsis of action items, discussion notes and “aha” moments. Evaluation forms will be collated and feedback shared with you. Copies of course material will also be sent to you electronically. We will review next steps to ensure implementation of the training and help you create a strategy of long term learning.