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Happy Canada Day - 150 Ways To Live Your Best Life

Posted on 29 June, 2017 at 17:50 Comments comments (0)

I love Canada! I mean really love Canada by choice not by chance. I emigrated here from the UK 14 years ago and feel so proud to call Canada my home. Canada has given me and my family the chance to live a fantastic life – with a warm welcome and complete acceptance.  So in honour of Canada’s 150th celebrations –here’s my 150 ways to live your best life:

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Volunteer
  3. Eat as much Ontario corn as you can
  4. Never stop being in awe of Niagara Falls
  5. Take the 407 if you’re stuck in traffic
  6. Use the letter U
  7. Hug people – often and heartedly
  8. Buy Timmie’s for the person behind you
  9. Recycle
  10. Floss
  11. Appreciate our health care system
  12. Smile
  13. Don’t be afraid to tell people you love them
  14. Sing – loudly
  15. Play the music you love
  16. Always sing the national anthem when you have chance
  17. Wear a Poppy
  18. Wear red and white on Canada Day
  19. Own at least one Canadian flag
  20. Meditate
  21. Spend time with family on Family Day
  22. Enjoy your maternity leave
  23. Never concern yourself with the calories of maple syrup
  24. Always put a Maple Leaf or Canadian flag on your luggage
  25. Enjoy the summer
  26. Don’t complain about the winter
  27. Visit Ottawa at least once
  28. Watch a Jim Carrey movie
  29. Have a Caesar for breakfast
  30. Ryan Gosling,
  31. Ryan Reynolds… nothing more to add
  32. Thank an OPP officer
  33. Take a walk in nature
  34. Get a good night’s sleep
  35. Live with passion
  36. Find your joy
  37. Tell everyone about your joy
  38. Eat Poutine at the fair
  39. Don’t hold a grudge
  40. Avoid judgement
  41. Donate to a well-chosen charity
  42. Accept everyone’s right to chose
  43. Live a work/life balance lifestyle
  44. Give money to street artists
  45. Watch the Austin Powers series
  46. Visit a local museum
  47. Elephant Ears are guilt free at fairs
  48. Always wear your seat-belt
  49. Listen attentively
  50. Get to know your community
  51. Invite your parents to dinner
  52. Give compliments freely to others
  53. Give compliments freely to yourself
  54. Hold criticism
  55. Resist the urge to tell people they are wrong
  56. Hold the door
  57. And the elevator
  58. Put down your phone
  59. Challenge yourself to be the best you can be
  60. Challenge others to be the best they can be
  61. Thank the people who inspire you
  62. Step out of your comfort zone
  63. Tip the wait staff
  64. Hand write a thank you note
  65. Be patient
  66. Know that we are all learning something new
  67. Offer contractors a drink while they are in your home
  68. Take your lunch break
  69. Stay calm
  70. Give people the chance to explain
  71. You get what you tolerate – so know what you can tolerate
  72. Avoid the energy sucking vampires
  73. Give flowers
  74. Answer messages
  75. Treat yourself to a pedicure
  76. Ask for help
  77. Help others
  78. Go to motivational speakers
  79. Take the training
  80. Spend time with friends
  81. Pizza and bear are a natural combination – enjoy them!
  82. Let people know when they had an impact on you
  83. Double date – it’s fun
  84. Play pond hockey when you can
  85. Don’t leave litter
  86. Listen to live music
  87. Small town “fests” are worth the visit
  88. Read to your kids
  89. Read a Robert Munsch book as an adult
  90. Take selfies
  91. Don’t share them all to Facebook
  92. Stay hopeful for Roll Up The Rim
  93. Donate blood
  94. If art speaks to you – buy It
  95. Close down the bar at least once in your lifetime
  96. Eat red Smarties first
  97. Tell your kids about Terry Fox
  98. Do the Terry Fox run with your kids
  99. Celebrate the holidays especially:
  100. Family Day
  101. Victoria Day
  102. Canada Day
  103. Labour Day
  104. Thanksgiving
  105. Christmas
  106. Shovel snow for someone who can’t
  107. Take part in an New Citizenship Celebration
  108. Welcome new people to your neighbourhood
  109. Go to a Pow wow
  110. Buy a decent toque
  111. Buy the shoes
  112. Don’t smoke
  113. Learn a party trick
  114. Show appreciation
  115. Make eye contact
  116. Stick to your word
  117. Be respectful of others needs
  118. Be respectful of your needs
  119. Write out your goals
  120. Complete your goals
  121. Set boundaries
  122. Stick to them
  123. Don’t miss your kid’s sports games, plays or recitals
  124. Take lots of photographs
  125. Get a family portrait
  126. Include the pets
  127. Congratulate people on their success
  128. Wish people luck
  129. And mean it
  130. Don’t gossip
  131. Write love letters
  132. Keep your love letters
  133. Don’t ague when you are drunk
  134. Don’t argue with others when they are drunk
  135. If you’re both drunk.. neither will remember so it’s ok
  136. Always make up after an argument
  137. Stop to help people you don’t know
  138. Have parties
  139. Don’t let perfectionism hold you back
  140. Tell people in person that you care about them
  141. Give away books you no longer need
  142. See at least one sunset
  143. And one sunrise
  144. Stay up all night talking with a friend
  145. Exercise- or at least move in some way
  146. Be conscious of what you eat
  147. Have at least one recipe you know well
  148. Don’t be afraid to try
  149. Ask yourself “is that a reason or an excuse”
  150. Be your own best friend

Happy Canada Day Everyone!

If you’d like some more tips and tricks on how to stay in check with what will serve you positively, check out the upcoming workshops I have coming up at Orange Hat Empowerment.

Until next time, friends!

Balance - Can You Have It All?

Posted on 12 May, 2017 at 11:20 Comments comments (0)

We often hear about the importance of balance. Work –life balance, a balanced diet, a balanced lifestyle, and so on – so why is balance so important? We can get really accomplished in one area of our lives only to find it has come at the sacrifice of another. We can have a fabulous career but it may come at the expense of our social life, or we put our family life ahead of our own health and well-being. So why does that matter? After all the saying goes – we can't have it all.

Your life as an expression of you hopes, dreams, beliefs and desires – all cemented together by the values you hold. Having balance in our lives is a feeling of being complete and in harmony. When we lack in certain areas -  financial, intellectual or social – for example we quickly become depleted and frustrated. Our quality of life is highly impacted if we don't have balance.

That's where Life Balance Expo can help. This is a show like no other! Life Balance Expo is based on the Life Wheel, a highly regarded and utilized coaching tool. The Life Wheel represents mind, body, heart and soul by covering 10 essential areas required to live your best life. Want to know more about the Life Wheel – click here

Join us for a great day with local and surrounding area vendors and practitioners. Throughout the day there will be TED style talks covering all aspects of the Life Wheel. Participating vendors will be offering demonstrations and mini sessions. And of course, amazing show specials and discounts.

Click here for tickets

Being human means a need for fulfillment in 4 key aspects – mind, body, heart and soul. A well balanced life will help us be more effective and in tune with our own needs and desires. A well balanced life will help reduce stress and improve our physical and emotional health. So how do you create balance?

1. Practice Mindfulness Mindfulness is something of a buzz word but it does have great value. So many times, wonderful things happen and we just miss them because we wasn’t present. We often feel like we are lacking in things that make us happy when in fact we are distracted by the busyness of the day. Memories get created when we are present, connected and engaged to the moment.

2. Listen To Your Body We are all intuitive beings and our body constantly tells us what it needs. Sadly, we get so busy we don't listen! Learn to listen to your body – sleep when you are tired, drink when you are thirsty and refuel when you are hungry… And stop holding it in when you need to pee!

3. All You Need Is Love The Beatles got it right… because we all need love. Not just the romantic heart and flowers kind but the kind of love we get from family, friends and fur babies. Clean floors and folded laundry is no substitute for coffee dates and finger painting.

4. Be A Soul Sister Take time to nurture your divinity through mediation, prayer and gratitude. If you have trouble connecting with that awesome buzz of feeling centered then try music, a nature walk or deep breathing. I

f you’d like to learn more about Life Balance Expo or to get you tickets - check out the website LifeBalanceExpo.com.

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