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Are You A Heart Centred Leader?

Relationships are fundamental to every aspect of our lives – personal and professional. We are all driven by our emotions and as a leader we get the best results with our businesses, teams, friends and family when we come from a place of compassion and empathy.

Being a Heart Centred Leader means you:

* Motivate and inspire those around you

  • * Energize others to a common good
  • * Genuinely and deeply touch the lives of others

As a Heart Centred Leader you need to have the qualities that empowers others to succeed, setting them up for success. You need to be self-reflective, genuine and authentic – always striving to be at your best.

These are all fabulous qualities but we are only human and as a leader we also need the strategies and tools to make this happen. In other words, Heart Centred Leaders need to be able to successfully merge head and heart thinking.

If you see yourself as a Heart Centred Leader – either as a manager, supervisor, entrepreneur or in your personal life, I can help. Being a Heart Centred Leader has its challenges! It’s hard to always speak positively and to resolve those internal conflicts . 

As a Heart Cantered Leader, you will want to build your self-esteem and confidence. You want to avoid the pit of self-sabotage – going from goal setting to goal getting.  And you will want to put an end to procrastination, negative self-talk and self-doubt. 

With proven tools and techniques, I can empower you to face the challenges of Heart Centred Leadership with humour, passion and integrity. At Orange Hat Empowerment, I can help you create powerful connections and meaningful relationships by building rapport, likability and trust.

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